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FAQS - Super Dsand Disposal

GEO FAQ Super Dsand Disposal

Which factors may interfere with the best performance of the product?
For best results and previous to the application, the slurry should be agitated by air for 30 minutes in order to homogeneously distribute all solids and fines in suspension. Super DSand Disposal® is than applied still with slurry in agitation to guarantee it’s homogeneously distributiuon.

Is it necessary to dilute or blend the product?
No. Super D-Sand Disposal® is ready to use.

For how long Super D-Sand Disposal® remains stored?
It is unknown at the present that the product may deteriorate with time.

Is GEO available for a test considering a future order?
Yes. GEO is always available to ensure that his clients acquire the product that best suits their needs. GEO will also supply Technical support to oversee the test and ensure correct application.